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Resin Projects

Using resin in the woodworking process is something that can take it to the next level.  It's virtually impossible to make two identical pieces, meaning you are guaranteed to have an original and custom piece.  The downside is that resin is extremely expensive.  Resin "river tables" range from $1,250 - $10,000 depending on the size, type of wood used, final finish desired, etc.  Contact us and provide details of exactly what it is you'd like and we will gladly quote it for you.  Below are some examples of past projects.

Dining Room Table

Do you have enough dining room for a 9 foot table?  If so, we can build you one.  This monstrosity is 9' long by 44" wide.  Made of spalted and ambrosia maple slabs, then filled with copper resin, it's a beast!  Scroll through the pics to notice how the colors change based on the light conditions.  Looks different depending on what time of day you sit down.

Flag Table

This coffee table was made using two ash slabs with an American flag behind them, then filled with clear resin.  The table was made for my son and the flag is the one I received upon retiring from the military.  Great way to preserve something and/or keep something from getting lost!

The Sunset

This piece remains a personal favorite.  Made for a lady who sent us a pic of her favorite sunset, the pics show the progress between that pic and the final project.  Great example of how we can integrate the laser into our woodworking.  I admit to taking some creative liberties with the sunset when I poured the resin!  The final sign has a light behind it that cycles from dim to bright.

Legacy Wall