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Below are some examples of various gifts that we try to keep in stock.  If not in stock we can normally get more made rather quickly.  If you see anything that interests you please contact us and let us know and/or what personalization you would like.  Most any black and white image can be engraved.  Also visit our image catalog page for some design ideas when it comes to laser work.  


Three dimensional US flag crafted to appear as though it's blowing in the wind.  Several famous individuals proudly display these, Richard Petty and Ollie North to name a couple.  Each flag is hand carved from solid pine, then hand painted.  Stars are then engraved into the union.  Flags are dimensionally correct at 19.5" tall and 37" wide.  They are approximately 3" thick at their widest point and weight is approximately 25lbs.  3D flags are $300 when available.  We can also custom make a flag for you if you will let us know what you're looking for.  Example shown in the gallery above of a flag made into a military "challenge coin" holder / display.


Solid cedar jewelry boxes, inside bottom lined with a burgundy velour.  Green velour is also available on request.  Approx size is 12"x8"x4".  Lids can be engraved with graphic or text of your choice.  Browse the engraving catalogs to see the thousands of options that are available.  Just email us with the file name you'd like engraved, or tell us what you'd like and we will gladly design it for you and email you back a proof for approval.  These boxes sell for $75 each, custom engraving is included in price.

Trays and Cutting Boards

Various examples of trays and boards we can make for you.  These range in price from $100-$300 depending on the complexity.  The ones that show color are family crests that have been laser engraved, then filled with resin and sanded back down.  With the laser's assistance our only limit is truly your imagination.  Contact us and we will gladly quote you a custom piece and help you design it if you need assistance.  We are also a distributor for some economical bamboo cutting boards if interested in something for large parties or groups.  See our laser engraving page and browse our catalogs.

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