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Cabinetry and Desks

Most of these items are done on commission and prices can vary greatly based on options.  That said, price ranges are shown where applicable.  Subject to change of course.  Contact us to discuss your options and let us provide an accurate quote for your custom piece!

Work Benches

We can build any type of work bench you may be interested in.  I call this one the "Troy Fair" as those are his initials that are engraved on the front over the drawers.  This was loosely modeled after a reloading bench that American Workbenches used to make.  Rock solid and destined to be your kids problem one day as it's rather heavy with the butcher block top.         Prices currently range $1450 - $1600 based on options.


From kid's desks to poker tables, we would be happy to design and build your custom desk or table.  Also check out our resin projects page for some other examples of tables we have completed.  These are all custom built to client specifications, prices vary.


Some various examples of cabinetry work we have completed.  Whether it be kitchen cabinets or a gun cabinet, book shelves or a bar, we can design a custom solution for you!

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